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(3.9.14 – Day 1403)

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Miss Amanda's world says:

I have had to many creepy experiences with snakes to like them under 10
loved to scare dad with garder snakes. Age ten evil pet shop snake scared
me and sis. Then around 19 when temporily loved with grandma dang rat snake
got into trailer and while not dangerous in and among themselves because of
what they eat if you get bitten by one you can get an infection.

shannon copley says:

thats a ribbon snake.

cheekychickenhead says:

A very pretty little snake. Do you have a lot of deadly snakes around your

loyda zumba says:

1:45 LOL


Major cuteness to start the video today :-)

SamIceAge says:

least she started walking a alittle, That’s a cool snake I would have it as
a pet, lol I feel bad for mike when he had to edited vlog because of that
snake :)

cheekychickenhead says:

Awww how cool first step. Yuck that thing looked like a leach. Leaches
freak me out. The baby snake was cute. Mike really did move a distance
away from that little baby snake haha. 

Pam Carballoca says:

Wont be long now she will be walking all over the place!! But if you think
about it. its a wonder kids don’t walk until there potty trained with all
that wad of diaper between there legs makes them bo legged…lol

Alexandra Silvia says:

Yay Chelsea for taking your first step good for you

AJ Clark says:

look like chelsea is learning how to walk.

XXBooksAlive22XX says:

Yea for Chelsea’s 1st steps! It will be soo fun when she starts walking!

Jill Rabon says:

i figured it was native. Alli picks then up in their yard

Kay Shelton says:

Chelsea’s first step on video!
I think all snakes are dangerous…if only because I could hurt myself
getting away from them! Haha

JohnnyTalksToys says:

GREAT VLOG!!!! I am totally with you on the snake Mike I don’t like them.
There is a pond by my house and it has a 8 foot alligator and snakes.

Nannerchan says:

I hate to say this but if you were to put shoes on Chelsea’s feet, it will
help her to walk. Mostly, they will prevent her from going on her toes and
falling forward. 

donnieswife89 says:

yay chelsea iam so proud of you cant wait too see u walking around
eww that thing looks gross
ewww i hate snakes too
that looked like a slug too me
a good snake is a dead snake in my book lol

Sydney Stenman says:

Yay Chelsae!!! I can look at snakes, but I would never touch one! I don’t
like bugs, At All, so whatever that black thing was, no thank you! Haha.
Great Vlog! :)

karyzzmatic says:

From Wikipedia: Ring-necked snakes are secretive, nocturnal snakes, so are
rarely seen during the day time. They are slightly venomous…

LOL…they’re only ‘slightly venomous’. :D

Michelle Hunter says:

I can’t believe Chelsea took her first step. She has grown up so much and
gets cuter every day

Disneygirl377 says:

YAY! Chelsea took her first step!! I’m SO glad y’all ot it on camera!! She
does very well also in balancing herself standing alone! OH how exciting!!!
My first thought was that is a leach….sure does look like one. IDK? Even
in a baby state, that snake is gross. Haha. I am sure that is a slug –
sounds about right – Aaah, there you go Mike, having a snake as a pet! LOL
Still gross, ha. 

Evangelita Rodriguez says:

Leaches are fat

anmoose says:

It’s a slug, aka a snail without a shell. They come in several colors.
Leeches are water animals.

The snake is a Black Ringneck. They’re totally harmless and benign, and
they’re dwarfs. They rarely get to be a foot long. I had one named Herbie
the Wonder Snake that lived in a 10 gallon terrarium for about 5 years. I
had a Bonsai’d tree in it, and shrubs and ground cover, and mini logs and
rocks for him to hide under, and he seemed like a happy little snake. He
got to be about 9 inches long (which is pretty big for a Ringneck), and
he’d climb up and perch in the top of the tree and watch the world go by,
looking for all the world like a mini version of a giant Anaconda. He was
cute as could be, and even people who were deathly afraid of snakes **ahem**
liked him..

Ha! I paused the vid and wrote all of that and then later saw where you’d
looked it up. I would definitely *not* recommend anyone having one as a
pet, like Herbie, without first learning how to take care of it. You’d more
than likely just end up killing it.

Well, she didn’t exactly take off at a dead run, but it was definitely a
real step. The dead run will happen next week. LOL

Michael Angeloni says:

Yay Chelsea!!! 😀 that def looked like a leech to me

Jennifer Hamelin says:

Chelsea you took your first step well it’s a start can’t wait to see more.
What some interesting creatures you found today Holly, I’m not a fan of
them so glad they’re over there outdoors Ed looks so innocent like I didn’t
do it I just found some Cheerios.

K Meebs says:

Congrats Chelsea but where’s Alex’s minecraft series I’m bored I want
Alex’s minecraft series

Idoljunky32 says:

Yeah Chelsea’s first step!!! I thought it was so cute when she was saying
Yabba-Dabba-Doo!!! No snakes for me!!! Well, at least you don’t have to
worry about vacuuming up Cherrio’s with Eddie around!!!

robert adam says:

hashtag cute amazing chelsie

aletta van meurs says:

Nice vlog guys! So cute watching Chelsea taking her first step, she looks
also excited about it! It looks like a Leech, they are nasty blood suckers,
yuk! I’m like you Mike, I also hate Snakes. The country where I was born
and grew up till my 17th in New Zealand, well, there are no Snakes! I hope
sometime to go back and live in my beautiful country New Zealand.!

Mason Biggs says:

YAY her first steps!

Lucy Foster says:

Yay go chelsea !!!!

ttmac2448 says:

Chelsea was having fun walking! Run Mike there is a snake behind you, lol!!

Rachel Roy says:

Yay I was so happy when I seen the title of this video. I remember I stayed
up all night on twitter and youtube when Chelsea was entering the world
Love her soooo much, give her all my love

Melissa S says:

I love your guys vid.

Kathy Hurlburt says:

its a leactch

katie omedd says:

hunting for cheerios haha

Youtube rocks says:

Chelsea is getting so big

While They Were Napping says:

AHHH leaches & snakes! good thing there was SO much cuteness in the vlog to
balance that out ;)

Sandra Anastacia says:

Chelsea is growing very fast! and she is super intelligent

Charlie Irvin says:

Chelsea’s Step yeah. good For you. Now On the Board It was A slug. I don’t
Blame you Mike I don’t Like Snakes Either.

DragonFighter1133 says:

that is not a worm that is a leach a worm is brown and leaches are black
also good job chelsea on her first step. (Oh hey look at me i am 1st
commit) too cool :)

Danny Danny says:

Timbeeeeerrrrr! (Baby Style)

Danny Danny says:

Awww is Daddy afraid of Baby Snake? 

Danny Danny says:

I hope that Glass that Alex is putting her lips against is clean… 

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