BABY’S FIRST STEP! | 4.14.2014 – Day 57

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Welcome to our Daily Vlog Channel! We are a young, Russian family that decided to start recording our life daily! Stay tuned for more! Our channel is just growing and there is a lot more coming! Thank you for watching!

Big thanks goes to our dear friend Maksim Krykhtin for allowing us to use his music. Check out the rest of his original creations on :

Intro visuals and all video editing done by Evgeniy Poznyak.



Stephanie Novak says:

AHHHH POOP EXPLOSION! lol OMGOSH! I love those mud masks!!! I try to buy
them once every month… But now i’m really getting into the all natural
face stuff that Perfectly Posh has! YAY KASSIYAN!!! 

Sennoma strangulo says:

His first steps, congrats! … his reaction on your mask is funny))

Devin Middlemiss says:

I get the exact mud masks twice a month :) love papa lol remove children,
keep them safe… lmao

Gigglesinloveable . says:

His balance is amazing, love the comment about racing him lol xx

EandK Vloggers says:

#day57 of our #dailyvlog! Another #beautiful and #warm day! Papa has
#vacation this week and is off from work! #woohoo! Kassiyan #STANDS all on
his own and takes his #FIRSSTEP and we get it on #CAMERA! You do NOT want
to miss this one! Mama isn’t sure if she wants to #cry or #laugh!
#growinguptoofast #milestones

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