Baby’s first crawl with her dog… what a cute ending!

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Our little girl crawls for the first time on video but what happened next melted our hearts! Labs are the best family dog ever!*

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*Please note this is our very affectionate 8-1/2 years old female Chocolate Lab. She is advanced obedience trained, has been enthralled with people (children & adults) her entire life, and always follows a multitude of voice commands. We’ve had our dog since she was 10 weeks old – she is active, healthy, neither possessive nor guarding, nurtured/loved every day, and as a result is a very well-adjusted family canine. Nevertheless, as responsible parents, we researched, spent months acclimating both the baby and the dog together prior to this special moment, and we always have, and continue to closely supervise all interactions between our baby and lifelong family pet. We believe our dog to be a wonderful part of our child’s young development (as you see here crawling early!) but advise all parents to do to their fact-finding research, consult professionals with any questions or concerns, and always follow the advice of the experts (pediatricians, veterinarians, and certified dog trainers) before placing a child and dog together in any scenario in or outside the home. Thank you all so much for your sincere and wonderful support! With our Warmest Regards:)


Don Swift says:

Our little girl crawls for the first time on video but what happened next
melted our hearts! Labs are the best family dog ever! says:

Smile because #Saturday got a lot cuter. Watch a baby crawl for the 1st
time & his canine companion steals the show! Baby’s first crawl with her
dog… what a cute ending!

CowsRule says:

I wonder if they would post the video if the dog mauled the child? Oh
right, it NEVER happens.

Chris Veerabadran says:

Nice reward for baby in the end after she successfully crawls for the first

datnikkaty 1995 says:

What a stupid video

魏光正 says:


TexasGirly1979 says:

#PitBullSharky sais Hi!!! <3

Danny Max says:

Happy thursday

jose david julio says:

buenos días
no es gracioso el video

Annet de Veen says:

I’m shocked please this is a big mistake to thinks this is okay. In the
dogworld the babychild is in rang lower i so inmagen this dog won’t accept
it what can happen and this has nothing to do with breed. You don’t believe
me ask Ceasar Milan. Please stop to believe your dog is human. If you look
at this movie you see the dog is likking his mouth this means he unsure.

deathtokoalas says:

that dog is thinking about what an easy lunch that is. it’s licking it’s
lips. but it reflects on the general situation, computes the likely
consequences of eating the baby and eventually concludes it’s a better idea
not to. says:

Pet dog helps adorable baby learn to crawl:

We’ve seen some cute videos in our time, here at Parentdish. But danged if
this one – which shows a dog helping a baby learn to crawl – doesn’t take
the biscuit.

+Rebecca Gillie 

Ender Cat says:

I need a name for a male tiger cub, please no hate

Enigma w says:

Cute baby. I wonder if they would let an adult human to lick their baby too
or was it gonna be a big NO NO because it is unhygienic and the baby could
get some diseases ??? 

liviegirlyo says:

Do people really think the lab was protecting it’s toy? Didn’t look like
it, if it was, he would of had the toy under him or in his mouth, and he
would move away..but other then that…adorable…

Ælien I says:


LAN Evo says:

It would be cuter if the dog was an alligator !

Boschty Zupancic says:

And, the doggy says : mmm, i’ll have your face for the breakfast tomorrow ,
when we’ll be alone … nice meat … jummyyyy
Think about That …

imgoofyandogoofythings O well says:

Such a cute video. Beyond adorable.

benetx says:

BAD PARENTING ALERT. this video exactly show how much they want their son
to be dead soon, by letting him crawl in the very place that animal piss,
shit and puke everyday

tharn99 says:

adorable, if you please the name of the music?

Cindy Meitle says:

Adorable daughter and dog. Is the pup a Pedigree? Mine’s a 10-year old
pound pup and I see so much of her in your dog, same expression, same
movements and careful loving way of reaching out, tail wagging…and white
on the face. Just awesome.

Nic Stanislao says:

Ladies, prepare your ovaries, they are about to explode.

pmvura01 says:

There is an unspoken communication between the dog and the baby for the few
seconds of this video. 

Micheal Class says:

Baby’s first crawl with her dog… what a cute ending!

Deneteus says:

Babies always crawl at night when you are not watching them. Parents take 3
weeks to notice. Dog always knew.

Anal Eyes says:

i have seen a dog beaten simply because it licked a child.a friend of mine
beat his dog mercilessly because it placed a dead chicken of his at his
feet.days later he found out his chickens were being killed by another dog
and lived with guilt for many years.dogs are all about tenderness,as if
they always have a smile of understanding.

Mathii7 says:

Don’t do this. Dog are unpredictable and you do not know for sure if this
is one of the ‘good dogs’. Would you leave your baby with any person you
can’t trust 100% not to hurt it? Even 1 dog out of a thousand good ones
still isn’t 100%. It can kill the baby before you can even get close.

Alexander M. says:

Sooo cute… when the dog lick his own asshole and eat shits, and then kiss
the baby… 😀 😀 😀 Sooo stupid people have in the world… 

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