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Welcome to our lives! We are the SACCONEJOLYs and we live in Ireland, we upload videos of our life together everyday!

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KatrinaKingsOfLeon says:

I love that in the newest vlog where she’s reading she screams COOKIE and
it was the first thing she walked for LOL

Petra Theodora says:

This video was posted on 21 september 2013 and i am writing this on 21
September 2014

aTHirA N says:

anna’s face when she walked omg lol :)

naya smith says:

Awwww so cute watching Emilia’s first steps , now she is so grown up awwww
tears are in my eyes

Louise Elizabeth says:

This video brought me to tears! To see Annas face when she said come to
mummy! You looked so proud!

Kaley Barfield says:

Whenever I am having a bad day I always just watch this, it makes me feel
so much better. Can’t wait to be able to see Eduardo’s first steps!

Amanda & Nicole says:

smiling like a giant idiot! so cute!

Amanda & Nicole says:

smiling like a giant idiot! so cute!

Eliany Morales says:

What a happy and active familyyy great job! On teaching your baby to. Walk

Emmy D says:

You guys MUST be (except for mine of course 😉 ) the best parents in the
whole wide world.

13themuse says:

Everytime I watch the sacconejolys I go back and watch this vid. It is the
most precious thing ever!

ZoLéa says:

this video is just so cute !!!! ♥

Homayra Yasmin says:

Emillia is too cute to be tricked

Elizabeth Hurtado says:

I love this video so much. I love how excited Anna was when Emilia was
walking to her. And of course Jonathan! I love your family so much. <3

claudia b says:

I am up to date with vlogs but I felt like watching this. I can’t relieve
how much she has grown up. So adorable
from her first steps to now when she runs off in ikea!!! So cute 

Aimee Moore says:

This made me so emotional!! Seeing how grown up Emilia is now and to look
back to this vlog, makes me so happy

ArtisticAsian1014 says:

And now Emilia is a runner

sabrina ahmed says:

Looking back… anna was so much more fun n Jonathan was absolutely crazy!!
They have also grown up lol!

Emma Morris says:

Babies first twirk

Le Poodle Vlogs says:

I absolutely love this video. The joy and excitement on your faces is just
magic! Our daughter is just over 11 months old and has been close to
walking for a while but just needs that little bit of confidence to do it.
This just reminds me of her. Love you guys, your family is beautiful xxx

LaRavenLa says:

never seen a baby’s first steps before baby into toddler!!!

Jen N says:

I remember watching this for the first time and now look at her :) she’s
able to not only walk but run, wow how time flies 

Brooke Dearing says:

Cant wait for when junior starts walking :)

Baba Bunnie says:

Awesomeness in 2-legged motion <3

Serena Huynh says:


Kooking Kids says:

1:28 Anna in the background! LOL

Teresa Aiello says:

Awh she’s grown up so much 

Sophie's Stella's says:

Ok I’m so sorry no one be upset or angry it’s just I’m new to this channel
and I’m just wondering is her Irish he sounds Irish and I’m Irish but I’m
just wondering can someone answer ??

sam potter says:

What was the game that Jonathan was playing when Anna was out driving

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