Babies Go Swimming: Twin Siblings, 10 Months, Backstroke Before Taking First Steps

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music4ismylife8 says:

I know the parents are right there to watch them but letting a 10 month old
to under water even for a second doesn’t not seem safe

TheDiamondMinecart Biggest FAN says:

I am on that school

Aldo Figueroa says:

Omg cute babys

Carrie Li says:

so adorable!

Prymelinx says:

Not impressed. All babies can float. At 1:41 the father pushes them so that
they glide through the water and one of them didn’t look like it was
“swimming” too well…lol. More like trying instinctively not to drown o/

Kayli R says:

@splendorica I work at an infant swimming class, and yes every baby can
float and move around, but I promise you, rarely are they doing what these
babies are doing at 10 months.

MrGrey404 says:

This is torture D:

Maxoutjones says:

This reminds me of my son I had him in a pool at 3 wks old now he is 16 and
hates the pool lol

wolverine says:

oh please…my baby can surf

GrizzlyFist says:

cute video, scuba diving should be next for these youngins

Blessindisguise says:

That’s amazing!!! I wonder if other babies can do so. But i wouldn’t
recommend trying to find out.

rebecca201021 says:

Babies have a natural ability to hold their breaths, there are even classes
for babies only months old to be introduced to the water that include brief
submersion. may sound mean but it isn’t like you are forcing your child
under and back up then down again, it is more about having fun in the water
and if the kid doesn’t like being submerged I doubt they continue during
that session and may try again later on.

SteveXnycperformance says:

Now it is full understand why the state take the children away for two
renting fools. One of adultery should not be left in the care of innocent
“No CENt” in that child is No sense”. why are these fool left for volitary
killing and assume under accidents?. They did this to me at baptise and i
thought is was stuff back into the pussy or wound.

SteveXnycperformance says:

This is what government do you when you are dumb,stupid and docile. A child
who have no choice in it madness is force to become what? how to become
dumb,stupid and docile which is major contributor to the cause of accident
and dead. . Play with gun is not cool,but playing with children in water

GrizzlyFist says:

somebody is grumpy and cant spell 😉

Ace Scafe says:

Babies have no fear of tha water.they come straight Out tha womb swimming
an flowting. I guess bcuz wen they’re in there mothers belly They are
mostly surrounded by fluid or water inside there Mother for nine months.
This is so awesome and sooo cool they just automaticaly Hold there breath.

ariesxflame says:

def next michael phelps

Kayli R says:

@SteveXnycperformance Putting babies in the water as young as 4 weeks
reduces the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Danasia Nelson says:

So called TheWolverineiscool quit hating and start appreciating


I had my son in lessons at that age but I kept a hand under him. I nearly
drowned once so I take nice risks around water.

Jessica R says:


Jennifer Mulkerrin says:


Nina Bina says:

you havve no clue what you are saying and you can’t spell! piss off


Stupid autocorrect! I meant NO RISKS

ImCohenHD says:


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