Follow me on Twiiter -Video of a baby in the belly a couple weeks before he was born. Follow me on Twiiter – 8 month old baby kicking & moving in my belly at 30 weeks. He was such an active baby! Follow me on Twiiter – 8 months pregnant and baby moving in the belly
Our 35 minute newborn discharge education class addresses common newborn medical questions as well as ways to promote development. For more information on a particular topic, please visit our website: Please consider helping us [More]
Natural childbirth is the culminating moment of a nine-month journey, the birth of your own continuity in this world. All that happens to the human body during pregnancy aims to ensure and secure the smooth [More]
Top Chef Champion, Michael Voltaggio dropped by to show me some cooking tricks! The Beet waffles with Crème fraîche snow topped in caviar were exquisite. Definitely going to try and get a reservation at one [More]
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Natural BIrth Video via Watch this unmedicated chidbirth video that shows a slow and touching entrance of baby Sarah.
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Big baby belly moving! Making the baby jump in the Belly at 38 weeks pregnant. Based on this movement I think Atlas is a strong and healthy little baby! Today’s video is sponsored by Visit [More]
Congratulations! You are 1 Week Pregnant and your beautiful journey starts now. Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period and you won’t know if it’s successful until around the time [More] This video is of my fourth birth. It was the singular most transforming event of my life and my most conscious act as a woman to date. WARNING: This video is explicit, especially as [More]
Giant Pregnant Bellies 2014 Part 2
5 months pregnant shows common symptoms of pregnancy. Your baby condition within the fifth month of pregnancy will show. Five months pregnant indicates guidelines. In five month of being pregnant, your small infant’s face is [More]
Captured babies first step
See how your baby grow in 2 months pregnancy. How amazing she is. When 5 – 9 weeks fetal development in the womb, the placenta already supplies the nutrients from the mother’s blood vessels, food [More]
MY BODY AFTER PREGNANCY / MY POSTPARTUM BODY / SAGGY SKIN / BODY TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY / SAHM Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I am getting personal and showing you the [More]
An easy way to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (here with a 16 months old baby), which is comfortable for baby, comfortable for you, and makes the most of a double-sided wrap, still offering [More]
Meet a baby girl who arrived three and a half months early. Find out how the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit developed a special plan to help baby Monica grow and thrive.
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Lauren gives us a detailed look through her notes and shares her baby brain tales. Did you suffer from baby brain when you were pregnant? How did you cope? More from Lauren: Subscribe here [More]
**I AM 23 YEARS OLD, OK. Clips from when my son, Ronan Andrew, was born on March 24th, 2016. They are only small fragments of a bigger story (that I will fill you in on [More]
SEJA NOSSO PATRÃO! O Looooopcast 77 chega com mais novidades tecnológicas que rolaram durante a semana! E Sérgio Miranda continua com seu novo quadro sobre curiosidades e antiguidades. Muito bacana, muito legal! Ah, e [More]
Thank you netizens and to all my family and friends na nagpadala ng messages and concern. Naaappreciate namin ni Mikee. Wag kayo mag-alalala, gagawa at gagawa lang kami ng asawa ko… 😅 SUBCRIBE TO BoPin’s [More]
High Impact is the nation’s leading visual litigation and science studio, providing illustrations, animations, interactive presentations, and virtual reality exhibits for companies spanning biomedicine, engineering, and litigation. Their award-winning team of visual strategists, artists, doctors, [More]